Pillars of the Earth

“They really don’t make them like this anymore…Pillars builds a case for restoring the mega miniseries to its former glory.”

- TV Guide

“It harks back to “Roots” and “The Winds of War” in style…”

- New York Times

“…overflowing with prestigious British talent and a lusty story …in short, everything people expect from their premium channels…Such projects are often only as good as their villains, and "Pillars" boasts two fabulous ones: Ian McShane as Bishop Waleran … and the amoral Regan Hamleigh, "Viva Blackpool's" Sarah Parish…It's also an endorsement of the miniseries or limited-series approach, allowing the producers of this international co-venture to invest the story with appropriate literary heft.” 

- Variety

“Sexy, sinister and insanely addictive.”

- OK Magazine

“…thanks to a well-paced, good-looking production, an often slyly amusing script and a terrific cast, you will likely have a good time.”

- USA Today

"Pillars, an adaptation of Ken Follett's dense and engrossing blockbuster novel set in 12th-century England, is done beautifully…The performances shine…Pillars of the Earth reminds us the value and satisfaction we can find in a complex production executed well.”

- New York Daily News

“As addictive as “Rome’’… I was quickly entranced by the dastardly villains, the crooked royalty, the bloody battles, and, of course, the lusty love-making.”

- Boston Globe

“It’s big…it’s the perfect summer treat.”

- New York Post

“It makes you anxious for the safety of its serially imperiled heroes, some of whom will not make it to the end, and compels you to stick around if only to see the villains at long last get their comeuppances.”

- The Los Angeles Times

“Pillars build up suspense with action…there are no slacking actors here…the action never stops.”

- Chicago Sun Times

“The Pillars of the Earth is an engrossing and colorful ride through (Ken) Follett’s emphatic version of history and it’s terrific.”

- Vogue

“Viewers longing for a big, lavish miniseries to sink into this summer…will embrace "Pillars of the Earth" and its clever mix of action and art, architecture and politics, truth and beauty.”

- Denver Post

“This eight-hour miniseries is an exercise in delicious depravity and titillating treachery. In short, it's a whale of a lot of fun.”

- Miami Herald

"Pillars" delivers something rare: summer television entertainment that requires viewers to pay attention to what these attractive people are saying.”

- Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

“…The television equivalent of a page-turner: Once I'd stuck the first DVD in my player, I could find time for little else until I'd finished it. They just don't make them like this anymore.”

- Philadelphia Daily News

“The Pillars of the Earth,” a six-part, eight-hour miniseries debuting Friday with a two-hour punch, delivers enough surprises to enthrall any thriller buff.”

- Boston Herald

“Pillars is good fun, and at times quite touching. If spreading the risk through an international model of financing is the way of the future for event television, then let us raise a glass -- or in this case, a bejewelled chalice --to the era of multilateralism.”

- National Post

“To say this is a high-quality production is an understatement. No expense seems to have been spared in accurately rendering the sights, sounds, beliefs and practices of England in the Middle Ages - from its raucous markets, to its dank, cold cathedrals, to a wonderful scene of dirt-poor villagers paying tithe in the drizzling rain at the bishop's palace.”

- Postmedia