Pillars of the Earth

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Women Prove They Are the True Pillars of the Earth

"... Finally, the exotic woman accused of practicing witchcraft who takes Tom Builder as a lover, Ellen, is the twelfth-century's version of the single, independent mother. She guards the dangerous secret of her son, Jack's, paternity, confiding in Tom Builder how she swore revenge, in the form of a curse, on the men responsible for Jack's father's death. Ellen is forced to flee the monastery when Bishop Bigod, a man implicated in the plot against Jack's father, discovers her presence and sentences her to death under the penalty of witchcraft..."


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Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

Follett's 'The Pillars of the Earth' on Starz twinkles

... " These are the bad guys. The good souls are very good indeed, including Rufus Sewell as Tom Builder, who dreams of creating a cathedral; Natalia Worner as Ellen, an earth mother to all; and Eddie Redmayne as her artistic son, Jack..."

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Daily News

'Pillars of the Earth' shows how a miniseries can be done right

"... The performances shine, starting with Ian McShane's sinister Bishop Waleran Bigod and continuing thr

ough Natalia Worner's Ellen, who brings feminist sensibilities to an age when they were not only unwelcome, but unthinkable..."


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The Pillars Of The Earth Review: Starz Gets It Right

"... Sarah Parish pulls off the creepy but ambitious Regan Hamleigh beautifully, while Natalia Wörner pla

ys Ellen with just the right amount of confidence and sexuality. And Alison Pill’s portrayal of Maud ranges from good to scary-good as we see her attempt to claim and hold the throne on behalf of her son..."


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New York Post

Heaven & ‘Earth’

"... A rollicking tale of passion, greed, and treachery among kings that’s set against the building of a cathedral in the fictional English town of Kingsbridge in the 12th century, the massive “Pillars,” which has sold more than 14 million copies, and was an Oprah’s Book Club selection, is now a Follett-approved, 8-hour miniseries on the pay cable channel Starz, premiering this Friday..."


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The Pillars of the Earth

"... "Pillars" does create strong roles for its female characters, Natalia Woerner's

earthy Ellen and Atwell's determined ingenue balancing Parish's delicious wickedness...."


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